By January 19, 2012EDI, MAPADOC, News

There is a new release for MAPADOC version 4.40 (4.40.10) & 4.50 (4.50.01). This release includes these additions:


810 In: Create PO Invoices – NEW item cost mismatch reporting

This option was modified to report differences between the cost on the PO and the cost on the incoming invoice.


Picking Sheet Printing (MAPADOC enhanced version) – New Customer PO selection criteria

This option was modified to add Customer PO as an available selection field.



Coming soon in the next releases:


Select EDI Invoices from History, Select Invoices to Consolidate, and Select EDI 850 Purchase orders – selection criteria now mandatory

These options will be modified to ensure at least one selection criteria value has been entered before documents can be selected.

ASN Mapping – NEW fields available in mapping

This option will be modified to allow mapping from all Sales Order Header and Sales Order Detail fields. Currently, only UDFs are available for mapping from these files.


Receive Inbound EDI and All Outbound Document Creation options – FTP directory to exception report

These options will be modified to add the FTP directory being used to the exception report (if using MAPADOC FTP options).