By February 10, 2011News

What’s New With MAPADOC:

Select Routing Request Information (753) – addition of total pallets field

This option was modified to add the total pallets to the routing request file.

Label Printing – NEW PRINT_BATCH_LAB_NO field

The Label Printing process was modified to add a new counter field PRINT_BATCH_LAB_NO. This field is a running counter for all labels being printed at one time.

ASN Import from Radio Beacon – use of case weight from Radio Beacon

This option was modified to always use the case weight supplied by Radio Beacon instead of calculating weights based on the MAS inventory weight.

VICS Bill of Lading Printing – Additional fields added to detail work table

This option was modified to add the following fields to the detail work table: total items, total pallets, total volume and first sales order number. This option was also modified to fill the ship from address information from the warehouse setup if entered; otherwise, it will use the address information from company setup.

NEW Delete Range of ASNs Extended Utility

A new utility was added to MAPADOC Extended Utilities option to allow users to delete a range of ASNs from ASN Selection. The ASN and ASN Order associates will be deleted; however, the sales orders will still remain in Edit Order Package & Label Data.

MAPADOC Options – NEW Report No Exceptions during validation option

This option was modified to add the above field to give users the option to turn off the “No Exceptions” messages during validation routines.

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