What Are We Up To?




MAPADOC Connections

Our localized MAPADOC Connections Lite is being held on March 15, 2018 from 8:00 to 6:00 PST at the Orange County Hilton. As a partner, you are welcome to join us at no charge to meet the MAPADOC team and listen to industry speakers, as well as join in an audience participation panel discussion  and several Round Table discussions. For more information and to register, visit www.MAPADOCConnections.com.


Free EDI Webinars

Several times each quarter, the MAPADOC team hosts a free, informational webinar on various EDI topics.  Our first webinar EDI 101: A Learners Guide to Electronic Data Interchange was a resounding success with 72 people attending. Shawn Paul spent the hour discussing EDI and answering questions. It was a rousing success reminding us that education is so important in this market.

The next two webinars had large registrations and attendance as well.  You can access the training schedule at www.MAPADOC.com, select Training from the top right menu bar and find the Free Webinar offerings.  Recordings from the first three webinars including the questions are available under each title.  Please check them out when you have the time.


Quarterly Customer Newsletters

We are sending out customer newsletters every quarter. The newsletters are designed to provide general information relating to EDI and to supply chain as well as changes on the MAPADOC team. You should be receiving these newsletters as well. The articles are also posted on the MAPADOC blog.


If you have any questions about MAPADOC, please reach out to Bill Gaustad – Bill.Gaustad@MAPADOC.com or 973-758-6112.