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Welcome to our MAPADOC Blog! We have created this for our current MAPADOC customers, MAPADOC business partners and the entire Sage MAS 90, 200 and MAS 500 communities!

Did you know that MAPADOC integrated EDI is a Sage GOLD CERTIFIED product and that its publisher, SWK Technologies, Inc., is a highly experienced Sage Master Developer, having been a dedicated “Sage Shop” since 1987? Our primary company-wide focus on MAS 90/200 and MAS 500 has allowed MAPADOC to evolve into the most highly-integrated, full-functioning EDI solution for these well-established ERP solutions.

SWK is proud to support our loyal SELECT and STANDARD partners and customers; this blog will be a great resource to provide:

 Alerts from many of the trading partners
 Information on new product features and functions
 Changes in technology
 Tips and tricks from our technical support staff
 Overviews on new document sets
 Success stories from happy customers

Our MAPADOC team is expertly run by Gary Berman, VP, and includes Dane (Sales), Tina (Lead Tech Support), Hellene, (Marketing), Marthe (Programming), Christine (Tech Support), Shawn (Tech Support) and Alex (Maintenance and MAPADOC Gold renewals). As we pride ourselves on maintaining a staff with deep EDI knowledge, our additional in-house resources include Adrian, David and Kyle.

Along with me, the entire MAPADOC team will be regular contributors to the blog. We welcome your comments and responses to postings, as well as your own creative ideas on what we can continue to do to make using MAPADOC a great experience! We’re focused on how it can help improve your efficiencies and bottom line!

Educate us, too, on what you want us to write about. Send me a note and we’ll include your suggestions in future blog entries.

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