By July 8, 2011EDI, MAPADOC, News

Victory is sweet … Thanks to your participation, you made us one of the most visited booths for all of Sage Summit 2011. We would like to thank all our of partners and resellers who came by our booth, and if you weren’t able to attend, we know we’ll be talking with you very soon!


Big News Recap from the Show

  • Once again, we surprised everyone with our annual impersonator, Sarah Palin, who provided many laughs with her one-liner, “You betcha! MAPADOC is the best EDI solution for Sage ERP MAS 90/200/500, and now Sage ERP X3.”
  • During Sage Summit, we announced the launch of Sage ERP X3. The buzz was amazing and people were excited to see MAPADOC expand its market reach. Be sure to view our news release with all the details.
  • Last, but not least, the real hit of the show was Marthe Chensel, our senior programmer for MAPADOC. Of course, everyone knew she existed, but no one was really sure what she looked like. Now, all of the booth visitors can tell you that Marthe does exist – and thanks to her, you know why MAPADOC is truly the only Effortless EDI.

Gary, Hellene, Jimmy and Marthe would like to thank you one last time. We look forward to helping you and your clients have the best EDI experience in 2011 and beyond.

See ya’ll in Nashville for Sage Summit 2012 … and, yes, we are already to trying to figure out who will be our next Impersonator. Can you hear the twang of the guitar?