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The New Year is here and now is a great time to gain better control in your workplace to make it a smooth sailing one.

If you are anything like me, you prefer to have as much organization as possible. Today’s post discusses a great MAPADOC tool that will keep you organized – and save you time.

The organized person’s secret weapon
When I was a Sage end-user, it was hard to stay organized all the time but I made sure that I utilized as many tools as were available to me to make my days, weeks, and months much smoother. I also found it was important to share as many of those tools as I could with my co-workers and the other people I was there to assist. Visual Process Flows is one great tool that I loved – and the best part of it is that it is completely customizable to fit your needs, your workplace, and your employees!

What is the Visual Process Flows tool?
Visual Process Flows is a new module in your Sage ERP that allows you to create custom screens that lay out the process you need to complete in the order each step needs to be taken. There are several standard jobs already set up within this module that are ready to use OR you can create your own jobs which allow you to decide what each process needs to be, what steps to include, and in what order. It is AMAZING!

The best part is – this is also available for MAPADOC!
Within the Visual Process Flows module, MAPADOC has three standard jobs already created and ready to use. These are EDI Orders, EDI ASNs, and EDI Invoices. These three jobs will walk you through the standard steps MAPADOC uses to process your orders, from start to finish. Each screen contains only the steps you need to complete that specific job, nothing more and nothing less.

The steps in each process appear as buttons that you click on for each step. Instead of the standard wording that can be confusing, MAPADOC’s Visual Process Flows eliminate the clutter and confusion. You can breathe easy knowing that every day’s processes are being followed – and you can turn each day into a complete success.

Closing thoughts
As a former Sage end-user I was responsible for the training and oversight of new employees working within Sage. I know all too well how time consuming and frustrating it can be to make sure things are being processed correctly. With MAPADOC Visual Process Flows (and their Sage counterpart), you can finally say goodbye to those hair-pulling days of training employees on every single step they need to take.

Keep your sanity, save yourself time, and make this year’s resolution to enjoy your vacation days without worrying about what’s not getting processed correctly!

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