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See Clearly with MAPADOC EDI EDI Visibility Is Money in the Bank

In today’s world of EDI, having visibility into your orders and transactions is one of the key factors when picking and using an EDI product. To make smart decisions, you need to have as much information as possible at your fingertips, and quickly. Today’s post looks at the advantages that full visibility offers your business, and how MAPADOC gets you that visibility.

What does full visibility offer my business?

As an EDI consultant, there are some questions that I assist in answering all the time:

  • Did we send the invoices?
  • Did our ASN go out?
  • How can we track a purchase order through our system to make sure we have sent an ASN and an invoice?

These are important and complex questions for many businesses. To get the answers, you need that ability to track orders from receipt through your system, all the way to closure and payment.

Ultimately, having this information is critical, and ensures that your trading partners receive the information they need, exactly when they need it.

What if I don’t have visibility?

If you ship your trading partner accurately and send a shipment notice on time, that’s great. But if you fail to transmit a successful invoice, you have failed your company and limited your profits.

In order to get paid IN FULL (that “in full” is important because trading partners often deduct for compliance issues), you need to be sure that your processes are running smoothly and that your documents are all being sent and received without issue. To assist you in winning more profits, MAPADOC’s new features are sure to help.

EDI Order Inquiry Screen

When you want to know about orders, you need information at your fingertips. MAPADOC now has a new comprehensive screen that allows you to track EDI orders on their course through the system and to determine the state of an order at any given time. This gives you complete visibility for each order from receipt through invoice.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can view any open orders in your system that have not had an ASN sent or an invoice sent. You can also pull details on outbound documents that have already been sent. You can view the specifics on when files were sent, and you can even easily get to the raw data itself.

To do this with the new EDI Order Inquiry Screen, you have a number of filtering and sorting options that put the right information at your disposal when you’re researching your EDI orders. When you have questions about the status of an order, you’ll only be a few seconds away from the answers you need to satisfy your staff or your trading partners.

EDI Outbound Sent History Report

Of course, if you want full visibility, order tracking isn’t enough. You also need to know about all your transactions. To assist you with this, a new report has been added to MAPADOC that allows you to view information on ALL outbound documents created by MAPADOC. This report is especially useful for tracking EDI documents sent out of your system. With this feature, there is no need to sort through archived files or contact your service provider (or VAN) to determine if you have sent a file. You’ll have reports that show you exactly what documents have been sent from your system.

When you don’t want all the details, you can view this report in summary mode, which will quickly give you the totals for each trading partner, and for each transaction-type sent (such as invoice, ASN, etc.). When you need to know more, you can view the report in detail mode. This view gives you specifics as to the actual document number, the date and time the document was created, the name of the file, the user who created the document, and other useful information.

Make your EDI process effortless

These new features in MAPADOC will make it much easier for you to track all of your EDI documents. They provide complete visibility into your EDI process. Instead of having to reach out to your IT staff or to other EDI support specialists, your staff will now have instant access to the answers they need to track EDI orders and transactions. Whether you need to answer questions for a customer about their order, or you need to research something for a trading partner, these new tools will help you get the job done!



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