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The VICS Bill of Lading Printing option in MAPADOC allows users to print a VICS*-compliant bill of lading form for each shipment in ASN Selection. The bill of lading form is written in Crystal Reports and can be customized by the user. All information entered in ASN Selection is accessible on the report. The detail section of the bill of lading form will summarize by PO Number the number of cases and weight.

In addition, Master Bill of Lading forms can be printed, if needed, by assigning multiple ASNs to a master bill of lading using the Master Bill of Lading Selection option in MAPADOC. The master bill of lading form is very similar to the bill of lading form with the exception of the detail section, which summarizes by Bill of Lading Number the number of cases and weight.

For those who want to print bill of ladings for non-ASN orders, the Sales Order Bill of Lading Printing enhancement is also available. This enhancement allows users to associate multiple invoices (from Shipping Data Entry) to a bill of lading through a new Bill of Lading Selection option.

For more information on how the VICS Bill of Lading works, or to get pricing, please contact me or call 973.758.6104.

*VICS: Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association

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