By December 4, 2014MAPADOC, News

Regardless of what document you are sending or receiving, MAPADOC processing offers you the ability to validate your document creation BEFORE you create any outbound or inbound data. This article explains how MAPADOC validates your data, and why that’s important.

How does validation work?

When processing your inbound documents such as 850 Purchase Orders, the validation step will check to be sure you have all of the ship-to locations and items found. It will allow you to update cross-reference tables or add new location codes to your Sage ERP system prior to sales order creation.

Why should you validate your documents?

If you do not validate, you can create sales orders with bad information. This will then translate through to all of your outbound document creation as well.

When processing your outbound documents such as ASNs (856) or Invoices (810), the validation process will check for missing data fields like Pro Number, BOL number, and cross references not found. This allows you to correct errors before your documents leave your system–headed for your trading partner’s system. The validation feature can help you to avoid chargebacks due to missing or incorrect data.

In closing

Want to save money and time? Again I say, “Validate, Validate, Validate.” This is the easiest way to avoid errors both in your system and in your trading partner’s system.