By July 12, 2010News

During the past few months, many of our clients have been updating their MAS90/MAS200 systems and/or updating their Windows version to 2008. If you have MAPADOC as an integrated EDI solution, it is extremely important that your reseller or IT person contact the MAPADOC team as soon as possible at 877-979-5462 or sales@mapadoc.com.

Updating your version of MAS requires an update of MAPADOC as well. If MAS version is 4.40, then the MAPADOC version must be 4.40 as well. Sage service pack updates do not directly affect MAPADOC, and these can be installed as needed.

Server moves, as well as MAPADOC, EDI Translators, AS2 communications and Bar Code Label software, are all linked to MAPADOC by network paths. Any move, change of IP address, firewall changes or renaming of mapped drives will cause parts of MAPADOC or the related software to stop working.

The MAPADOC team can provide you with documentation or assistance to be sure these problems don’t occur.

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