Update from Product Management: MAPADOC Development

By August 10, 2016EDI, MAPADOC, Sage EDI

You may be aware that Siobhan Finders, Senior Product Manager, joined the MAPADOC team in May 2015. What the heck has she been doing for the past 15 months?

Siobhan has been organizing the MAPADOC backlog (the list of new features and functionality requested by MAPADOC customers and required by changes in the retail supply chain), which has been a key focus—with the result of regularly scheduled releases.

This means that twice a year, you can expect a release of MAPADOC for Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3, each of which contain improvements that will help your EDI life run more smoothly.


MAPADOC for Sage 100 was released in June with a launch process that included notification of all MAPADOC for Sage 100 customers, two live webcasts (that sparked great attendance!), and scheduling of upgrades for those customers who want to take advantage of the new functionality right away. You MAPADOC for Sage 500 ERP customers can expect your release mid-September with a similar launch process. MAPADOC for Sage X3 customers can expect incremental releases as we continue to build out the product.


Simply send an email to Siobhan.Finders@MAPADOC.com with an explanation of the business problem you’re trying to solve. Siobhan will review your request with the product team (to make sure there isn’t an easy way to solve the problem already within the existing product) and then add it to the backlog to be scooped up in a future release. Easy as pie!