The three-day MAPADOC intensive course will provide you with hands-on training for setting up new maps, creating trading partners, creating ASNs, and managing the day-to-day operations of your MAPADOC EDI solution. You will become adept at understanding your customer’s EDI requirements, creating and implementing the maps, and maximizing the MAPADOC setup options available to you, as well as understanding Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) and how they fit into your EDI process. Need more information?


Learn each step for setting up an EDI trading partner

Create mappings and implement documents

Increase overall knowledge of EDI requirements and application

Understand how other companies handle EDI transactions

Learn how to interpret your customers’ EDI requirements and apply them to MAPADOC

Review associated translators and how they apply to your MAPADOC EDI solution

Learn when and how to use ASNs and UCC-128 labels

Set up and process ASNs

Print UCC-128 labels

Learn how to create ASN maps


In addition, after attending this MAPADOC intensive course, you’ll realize the full benefits of MAPADOC, and your system will become even more cost effective. This is because when you have the knowledge and power to take ownership of your EDI system, you become more autonomous.

The three-day MAPADOC intensive will bring you to the point of mastery in your day-to-day EDI processing operations.

Product Line: MAPADOC for Sage 100

Intended Audience: MAPADOC users

Recommended CPE Credits: 22.5

Price: $1,395

Course Level: Basic

Instructional Method: Online

Class Length: 3 days

Prerequisite: Experience using the Windows operating system and navigating with the use of a mouse. Attendees should have a working knowledge of Electronic Data Interchange.

Advanced Preparation: None


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