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EDI 101 : A Learner’s Guide to Electronic Data Interchange

This one-hour session is designed to provide basic understanding of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) including definitions, terminology, requirements, processes and more.

The course is designed for those with little to no EDI knowledge as well as a great refresher for those who have been handling EDI for a while.


EDI Documents For Customers

This one-hour session covers most commonly used EDI documents by Trading Partners today and how you can grow your business by integrating additional documents.

The course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about EDI documents that may be required by your trading partners.


EDI Documents For Warehouse

Are you using  or thinking about using a third party logistics (3PL) service for your warehouse needs but want to understand how EDI is handled when warehousing is outsourced? Join us for our free webinar where we will take a look at the various warehouse documents that may be required when your business grows and requires a 3PL.

We will look at and discuss the 940/945 (Warehouse Shipping Order/Warehouse Shipping Advice), the 943/944 (the Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice/the Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice), the 997 (Functional Acknowledgement) and the 856 (Advance Ship Notice) as well as some less common documents.