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Would you like to sell more and stock less? Now you can do that by leveraging Point-of-Sale (POS) data though SPS Commerce’s Trading Partner Intelligence for POS service.

MAPADOC has partnered with SPS Commerce to bring you this unique solution. Trading Partner Intelligence for POS helps suppliers work more effectively with their retail customers to make complex purchasing, inventory and merchandising decisions. By leveraging retailers” existing POS data, suppliers gain insight into store-level inventory and sales trends. Using these information sources, suppliers can strengthen relationships with retailers, allowing both parties to sell more product and carry less inventory.

Trading Partner Intelligence for POS leverages data already collected by your retail customers to help you:

  • proactively identify in-store issues, such as out-of-stock and surplus inventory situations;
  • improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels with visibility into in-store consumer purchase trends;
  • enhance customer satisfaction with retail customers and end users; and
  • gain a competitive advantage by forging stronger relationships with retail trading partners.

SPS Commerce offers a comprehensive PDF with more information. If you have any questions about how MAPADOC integrates with this solution, contact me at 973-758-6104 or

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