When Hanjin Shipping suddenly went belly-up several months ago, the fallout affected companies around the globe.

Read how retailers and the shipping industry are responding.

“…once again, an unexpected disruption has pointed out the intricate links of the supply chain that feeds America’s consumer machine.”

If you’ve been affected by the Hanjin mess, you are certainly not alone. Though most companies are feeling the pain, organizations that are prepared to fill in their supply-chain gaps are feeling less stress in this year’s top retail season.

With the holidays upon us, stores are getting creative about how they fill their shelves. While there is no shortage of media coverage on the topic, this Los Angeles Times article does a nice job of wrapping it all together.

Another recent article on Fortune.com focused on the long-term benefits this is poised to bring to the shipping industry, stating that, “The industry was too fragmented in the past and some consolidation is simply in the good interest of the global supply chain and the shippers.”

For more information on the Hanjin aftermath from just about every perspective, this page contains links to many articles by date.