By June 2, 2011News

This advanced inventory item matrix tool is a very powerful enhancement for companies in apparel, hardware, lighting, paints and finishes, jewelry, or other industries that manufacture or distribute common product styles in a range of sizes and colors, or any other combination of two characteristics.

IM item maintenance is modified to add a new function that allows users to create and manage these common parts in a matrix format. The process is begun by using a new function called Base Item Number. For each Base Item Number, a matrix can be created of size and color, or any other two characteristics, e.g., finish, flavor, label, stones, crystal, shade, design, etc. From this custom matrix, a range of hundreds of parts can be added to MAS in minutes. Item parameters such as product line, price, cost, etc., are inherited from the Base Item Number.

Once created, the master style matrix is used in creating POs and SOs. The matrix can be displayed in PO or SO Line entry and allows quantity ordered to be entered selectively in the matrix. PO or SO Lines are then auto populated based on the matrix selection. POs and SOs can be processed in a fraction of the time. Transactions are recorded with the standard MAS architecture. In addition to all standard MAS reporting tools, many effective Crystal Reports can be designed using the fixed segmentation of the 15-character Item Number.

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