Integrated Fulfillment for Acumatica powered by MAPADOC

By August 22, 2017News

The day is here where Acumatica users with EDI requirements will not have to leave Acumatica to perform their daily EDI processes!  The SPS Commerce and MAPADOC teams are excited to announce that the Integrated Fulfillment (EDI) solution for Acumatica powered by MAPADOC is now available to Acumatica users providing a seamless EDI integration to Acumatica.

What does this mean for you?

  • MAPADOC looks and performs like Acumatica modules – seamlessly integrated

  • Takes advantage of native Acumatica functionality such as process automation scheduling – YOU decide what to automate and what to control a bit tighter from receiving inbound EDI to processing your outbound invoices

  • Data validation – the SPS Commerce Integrated (EDI) Fulfillment solution  for Acumatica powered by MAPADOC validates your data the minute it is picked up by SPS Commerce throughout the process as it is processed by MAPADOC and brought into Acumatica as a sales order through the Acumatica business logic ensuring the data meets your Acumatica requirements and your trading partner requirements.

  • Our EDI experts extend your EDI team – each member of the MAPADOC team has extensive EDI knowledge, many of them with hands on experience as EDI managers providing not only EDI knowledge but also ERP and business process knowledge setting us apart from the competition

MAPADOC makes integration to Acumatica seamless and effortless. Partnering with SPS Commerce on the integration to Acumatica gives you the best of both worlds as MAPADOC has the EDI and ERP knowledge and SPS Commerce has the largest retail network in the world! Want to learn more about this integrated EDI option?, Visit the SPS Commerce blog to see how Integrated Fulfillment for Acumatica powered by MAPADOC takes advantage of the retail network.

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