We’re pleased to announce a new release for MAPADOC for Sage 100 ERP, versions 2013 (5.00.07) & 2014 (5.10.03). This release includes the notable changes/fixes/additions listed below.

MAPADOC04/06/2015 – NEW Unattended ASN functionality – MAPADOC Options and Shipment Type Maintenance have been modified to add setup features to process ASNs (856s) unattended. When these features are turned on the features to skip creation of outbound documents with errors are automatically turned on as well. After these setups are selected ASNs marked as ready to send will automatically be created based on jobs setup in Library Master’s Task Scheduler.

03/27/2015 – NEW Select All and Unselect All buttons in Document Processing Options – The Document Processing screens within MAPADOC have been modified to add buttons to Select All and Unselect All trading partners in the selection grid.

03/09/2015 – 820 In: Cash Receipt Creation Setup – NEW Remittance by Sales Order No. – This option has been modified to add a new option “Remittance by Sales Order No.” If this option is selected during 820 Cash Receipts Creation the invoice number will be looked up using the sales order number sent on the 820.

02/19/2015 – 856 Out: ASN Creation Setup – NEW Small Parcel Shipment Type (for use with Accellos ASN Import OR with ASN Generation from 945s.) – This option was modified to show the Small Parcel Shipment Type option when the Accellos integration is not installed. This can now be used during ASN generation from 945 processing if the new UseSmParcelShipType field is set to Y from the 945 map.

02/12/2015 – NEW Case Level Package Type support – The Edit Order Package & Label Data option has been modified to add a new package type field to the Case/Item Information tab. This will default to the order package type, but can be overridden on a case by case basis. The Item Cross Reference and UPC Code Maintenance options have been modified to add a new default package type field. This value will be used as the default case package type when automatically packing orders by the case pack in an item cross reference or UPC Code Maintenance.

01/28/2015 – ASN Auto Select/ASN Selection – NEW Tracking Number functionality – These options have been modified to pull the tracking number from invoice history if the invoice number associated to the ASN has been posted when using the feature to fill the PRO Number field with the first tracking number from the invoice.

01/28/2015 – Receive Inbound EDI – SPS/DI Central/ACT Data – NEW Archiving Process – This option has been modified to archive the individual files received from the translator option being used and retain the original file name. If the file name already exists in history, the file name will be appended with the date/time.

01/28/2015 – All Outbound Creation Options – SPS/DI Central/ACT Data – NEW Archive File Naming – All Outbound Creation options have been modified to use the original export file name as the archive file name.

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