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EDI Chargeback Save Money By Using MAPADOC EDI

We know how you feel when you get a chargeback due to invalid or missing information on your outbound EDI documents such as ASNs, invoices, or labels. We know that you don’t want any more of those awful chargebacks. Today’s post talks about how you can cut down on your chargebacks forever.

The devil is in the details

To avoid chargebacks, everything has to be perfect in your inbound documents. A lot of times the issues that are not resolved during sales order creation are dragged straight into your ASNs, invoices, purchase order acknowledgments, and even your labels.

Now your software watches the details FOR you

Throughout the years, we at MAPADOC have paid attention to when our customers have what we’ll call “human detail malfunctions” (usually these are caused by a lack of caffeine). To counteract these “malfunctions,” we’ve added numerous reports in MAPADOC to report any exceptions to you. This means that no matter how much sleep your employees got the night before, your EDI software actively and automatically finds potential issues in your data, and then compiles them into a report.

These reports have details for each exception whether it’s contained in a sales order, an ASN, an invoice creation, or any other EDI document. All exceptions are reported in an actionable, user-friendly manner so that anyone on your team can read them and correct the issues before it’s too late. If a user encounters any exceptions they don’t know how to resolve, they can always reach out to us for support.

Are you seeing a lot of exceptions?

Your employees must validate inbound and outbound documents all the time to make sure that there are no issues with the documents, which can result in a large amount of exceptions. Here’s how to fix that.

A lot of the information from inbound purchase orders might not be necessary to create the orders but it must be returned on outbound documents. If you or your employees are deleting an item and replacing it with a new item, you’ll need to make sure that UDF (User Defined Field) info is entered on the new item. When this is not done correctly, there can be a lot of missing information to deal with on your ASNs and invoices.

In conclusion

With software that identifies chargeback issues for you, your company can greatly reduce your chargeback risk and you can also start to address those troublesome penalties. MAPADOC watches the details in your system for you to identify any problems in your data, and then gives you advice on how you can fix those problems.

Sound good?

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