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We know that many of our MAPADOC clients experience a large volume of orders throughout the year and seasonally. Is this a problem for your company? A great way to increase your productivity is to get the new Unattended feature set up in MAPADOC.

The Unattended feature works with the following documents:

  • Inbound 850 purchase order
  • Outbound 846 inventory advice
  • Outbound 855 purchase order acknowledgement
  • Outbound 810 invoice

Unattended is set up on your schedule. You can schedule the process to run as many times a day as you need, and on any number of days.

When Unattended has run, it will produce reports. You can print the reports or send them to deferred printing. You also can choose which reports you want to print or send to deferred printing. Your reporting options for your inbound documents are:

  • Receive inbound EDI report
  • Validation report
  • Sales order exception report
  • Sales order creation report

Reporting options for your outbound documents, 810, 855, and 846 are:

  • Exception report
  • Sent register

Another option you have is to skip creation of your sales orders for the following validation errors:

  • Cross-reference not found
  • Mapping-label conflicts

If an order is skipped due to one of the above validation errors, the order is not removed from the system. The order will just not be created from the Unattended process. You would have to correct the issues, and then manually create the sales orders. This will be reported on the validation exception report.

How Unattended works

  • 850 Purchase Order: When your trading partner has sent some purchase orders, unattended will, based on the schedule, bring your orders in and create sales orders.
  • 810 Outbound Invoices: Once your invoices have been created and updated, and are in Ready to Send, unattended, based on the schedule, will go out and get your invoices and send them.



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