MAPADOC team members Gary Berman, EVP, and Siobhan Finders, Senior Product Manager, attended the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) Fall Conference this month in Scottsdale.The four-day conference covered topics including:

• Managing shipping to and from other countries
• Retailer and supplier best practices
• EDI for Omnichannel, and other workshops
• EDI programs covering: Inventory, Sales, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Finance
• How to avoid becoming logistical roadkill

The key takeaway items involved the same topic presented at our annual customer conference: the changing face of brick-and-mortar retail stores as online shopping increases yearly. In fact, much has been written on this subject (several of these links require subscriptions, but you’ll get the idea):

We will include more information in upcoming newsletters about how our clients may be affected by this and other topics, along with suggestions for how to address them.

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