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Welcome to the new and improved “Ask Tina,” a recurring feature for MAPADOC customers with answers to your most pressing EDI questions, along with helpful hits about EDI. Please send your questions to Tina and she will respond by e-mail to you, and include your question in a future issue of this newsletter.

Dear Tina:

Is it possible to send invoices via EDI if the orders were faxed to us?



Dear Carol:

Yes, it is possible. First, determine whether the invoice (810) map is using user-defined fields (UDFs). If so, these fields will be missing from the 810 document. The UDFs will need to be created in Custom Office in either the sales order header or the sales order detail section. Then, the UDFs will need to be placed on the sales order entry screen through Customizer in Custom Office on the appropriate screen (either detail or header). When manually entering the sales order, these fields will need to be filled in as well.

For example, if you need the customer’s SKU number on the invoice, create a sales order detail UDF called SKU, which would be set up as a multi-line string with 30 digits. Then, add this field to the sales order detail (line) screen. Enter the sales order and enter the line item. With the line item highlighted, enter the SKU number in the new SKU UDF spot on the order entry form. This SKU number will now be available to the invoice (810).

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me at or 973-758-6113.

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