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Family Dollar

Notification of EDI Translator Change for Family Dollar – October 2011

During October 2011, the Family Dollar eCommerce Team is converting our existing EDI translator to the new IBM/Sterling Integrator 5.1. The conversion will require minimal changes from the partner community. The new platform and version will provide Family Dollar with greater throughput and reporting capacity required to support the increasing transaction volume. Please read below to determine if any action is required on your behalf to successfully complete the migration.

If you utilize a VAN or 3rd Party Processing Service (SPS, Edict, TrueCommerce, etc.): For partners who utilize a VAN or other 3rd party service, there is no change required to complete the migration to the new Family Dollar system. We do ask partners to be vigilant in monitoring for expected transactions and 997 acknowledgments during this period.

If you have Direct AS2 Communication with Family Dollar: For partners with a direct AS2 connection to Family Dollar, our communication team will coordinate connectivity testing to the new production system. The conversion will require a new URL and the installation of a new certificate.

Questions or Concerns? Please feel free to reach out to the EDI team for any questions or concerns you may have:

We will continue to send updated communications to inform you of the conversion status throughout the migration period. Thank you for your continued support of the Family Dollar eCommerce initiatives.