What You Need to Know – Trading Partner Changes Coming


JCPenney EDI

Back in July, JCPenney announced they were consolidating their ordering processes for stores and ecommerce channels. That change resulted in alterations to several existing systems and new compliance requirements for their vendors. If you sell goods to JCPenney, this will affect you.

JCPenney has partnered with OpenText/GXS to facilitate and execute EDI Testing. The testing window was originally proposed to be from November 2017 through April 2018, but has since moved to June to November 2018.

Be sure to refer to the JCPenney Supplier Portal periodically for future updates regarding these EDI changes.

You can find more information on the 1EDISource website:



Lowe’s Consignment 846 Changes

Lowe’s Consignment is changing the requirements for the EDI 846 document. Two new fields are required to be sent – PO Cost (a per thousand cost for each item on the PO) and the Received Cost (a per piece cost for the received cost per item on the PO).  This change is scheduled to be effective July 20, 2018.  Be sure to refer to the Lowe’s Supplier Portal for complete information.  Reach out to the MAPADOC team if you need assistance with the changes – support@MAPADOC.com.


Target.com DVS (Direct Vendor Ship)

Target.com DVS is requesting a PO Acknowledgement (855) be sent automatically within 30 minutes of receipt of the PO (850). All vendors must be compliant by June 1, 2018, or face significant consequences.  Refer to the Target Vendor Portal for complete information. Reach out to the MAPADOC team if you would like assistance automating the Send 855 Process – support@MAPADOC.com.


Over the past few months, I have noticed a number of trading partner changes that require vendor action to stay compliant. Please be sure to read the emails from your vendors and periodically check the supplier portals for updates.

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