MAPADOC for Sage 100 October 2017 Release

By October 15, 2017News

The latest release of MAPADOC for Sage 100 is here! This release brings many new updates, making MAPADOC better than ever.

Check out the Latest updates:

Automatically Consolidate Invoices

No longer run two separate processes when your Trading Partner requires a consolidated invoice. The Sales Journal Update functionality has been modified to automate the process of consolidating invoices for those Trading Partners requiring a consolidated invoice. This functionality – both the automatic consolidation and the automatic sending – can be configured by trading partner

Delete Range of Sales Orders – Options Added

The Delete Range of Sales Orders option is a little more powerful and easier to use with the addition of the Order Date and the Customer PO to the Selection Criteria. You can now select orders to delete by Order Date or by Customer PO.

Bulk SO Change Utility – Header Comment Field added

The Sales Order Bulk Change Utility has even more functionality with the addition of the Header Comment field. Now, you can modify the Comment field in addition to the other available fields.

DC Information on the Consolidated Invoice Header

Ship To DC Consolidated Invoices are clearer with the ability to add the DC Name and Address information to the Consolidated Invoice Header. The information is sourced from the Ship To Address table and can now be added to the Invoice Header.

Misc. Charge Cross Reference – Duplicate SAC02 Values

Do you need to post multiple SAC items to different GL Accounts yet your trading partner wants to see the same SAC02 code?  Meet your business needs while complying with your trading partner requirements by utilizing the ability to include duplicate SAC02 values on your outbound documents.

UPC Code Maintenance – Allow blank UPC

UPC Code Maintenance has been modified to allow a blank UPC field in UPC Code Maintenance for those of you using only an EAN Number.

Shipment Type Maintenance – Quick Print Form

Save keystrokes and time loading screens with the new Quick Print VICS BOL print form setup added to the Shipment Type. Now, when selecting ASNs and the VICS BOL quick print is displayed, it automatically changes the report setting to the setting selected in the Shipment Type. This new functionality reduces screen selections for those trading partners who require their own report setting.

ASN Select/Unselect Utility – Add Multiple ASNs button

Modifications to the ASN Select/Unselect utility can save you time and keystrokes with the ability to select multiple, non-sequential ASNs to update.

Misc. Charge Cross Reference – Add Toggle for 875/880

For those of you required to receive/send grocery POs and Invoices, cross reference information was difficult to set up. The Misc Charge Code Cross Reference functionality has been modified to allow you to designate the Cross Reference as for the 875/880 changing the field descriptions and lookups for the record layout to those documents. This will make the mapping the Misc Charge Code Cross References much easier for you and/or your consultant.

846 Trading Partner Setup – Percentage of Inventory

Are you required to send your inventory quantities to your trading partners but do not want to send your full inventory quantities to each trading partner for fear of running short? The new Percentage of Inventory field added to the 846 Trading Partner set up allows you to send a percentage of your inventory quantities to various trading partners. For example – send Target 25% of my available inventory and send Walmart 75%.

Bulk Label Printing Selection – Selection Criteria

Bulk Label Printing Selection is more flexible with the addition of Shipment Type to the Selection Criteria.

Outbound Blank Field Exceptions

Exasperated by blank field exceptions?  No more…all outbound document creation options now include options to add item #, Sales Order #, ASN # (where relevant) to blank field exceptions. It is now easier than ever to find and correct missing information!

If you have any questions about any of these updates, contact us for more information. You can also view our recorded webinar where we discuss these updates further. You can view here.

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