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Here we are at the beginning of another new year. This is the time when MAS users often back up their system data from the prior year to a new MAS company code. It is also the time that the MAPADOC support team receives calls from dozens of panicked callers about orders missing from their systems.

MAPADOC was created with the ability to be accessed from multiple company codes within a MAS system. Users can run the Receive Inbound EDI command from any active company code. During this command, MAPADOC searches through the available company codes listed in alpha-numerical order, looking for the matching interface ID in the trading partner setups. This ID is the link between the translator and the trading partner in MAS. As a result, when users back up the system data, the system creates identical interface IDs in multiple company codes. MAPADOC will use the first one found. To avoid this problem, the user can do one of three things:

1. When backing up the MAS system, name the backup alpha-numerically after the live company code to avoid having the incoming documents go into the backup company by mistake.

For example: The live company code is MAP and the user wants to copy all company files to a backup for the end of 2009. If the backup company code used is ABC, all EDI files will go to ABC company code. Name it anything between MAQ – ZZZ and this problem will not arise.

2. If the user wants to name the company code something before the live company, the user must go into MAPADOC/Setup/Customer Trading Partner Maintenance and remove all inbound interface IDs for each of the trading partners. If vendor or warehouse trading partners exist, these will need to be removed as well.

3. When backing up, don’t back up the MAPADOC module.

I hope clarifies any concerns – especially as the New Year begins.

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