“MAPADOC is our Partner-in-Success when it comes to EDI.” Carla Brown, ISM

By January 31, 2017MAPADOC EDI

Finding simple answers to difficult questions was a founding principle at ISM.  This vision applies to helping their clients and in the selection of ISM’s software solutions and third party partners.  While EDI is one of the more complex of the third-party offerings, finding a simple answer was easy.

“We’ve been working with MAPADOC EDI as our preferred EDI provider since the early 2000’s,” stated Carla Brown at ISM. “Because MAPADOC EDI is written in the exact same programming language as the ERP systems its designed for, it’s fully integrated.  That makes it faster than the competitors, and easier to learn and use for our clients.”

With eleven customers currently using MAPADOC EDI, and two implementations in progress, the ISM team is a solid supporter of what MAPADOC EDI can do for their clients.

Carla added, “I also fully trust the team behind MAPADOC to implement it for our clients without my involvement. The MAPADOC team is easy to work with, we have a good business working relationship, and I trust them to work directly with our customers.   I don’t feel like I need to be hands on when MAPADOC is involved.  They do the job properly, manage it well, and as the experts, they know what to do to get it done right … and they make me look good with our customers.”

One of the current MAPADOC implementations is with a newly acquired client, who was using another EDI solution.  “When we saw how our new client was making their EDI solution work and the manual processes involved, we showed them MAPADOC EDI as an easier, time saving alternative,” stated Carla. “MAPADOC automated their manual processes, including processing ASN’s and shipping from within the system.  When our client saw what MAPADOC could do and the time it would save, they decided to switch.  MAPADOC allows us to be the hero to our clients, and that is exactly what our motto is all about.  Being our customers Partner-In-Success.”