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MAPADOC EDI Team At Connections 2013 Team MAPADOC Growing to Better Serve You!

As you know, MAPADOC takes great pride in being the most complete EDI solution on the market for Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage ERP X3. We owe our success to your continued support. Thank you for using MAPADOC EDI each and every day.

To ensure your continued success, we intend to remain the most complete EDI solution on the market… and since the best way to predict the future is to create it, we’re growing the company. Without further ado, we are excited to introduce you to our three new MAPADOC team members.

First up: Riley Stroik – Sales Executive
Riley joined the MAPADOC team in February, with an extensive background in EDI operational efficiency. Riley is primarily focused on assisting new and existing clients to evaluate their EDI obligations and seek appropriate solutions to fit their business needs. The supply chain landscape is becoming more and more complex, especially with the increasing trend of Omni-Channel fulfillment. Because of this, buying organizations’ EDI requirements have taken new shape and tasked vendors with additional responsibilities.

Riley will be speaking with many of you in the near future to assess any new or additional EDI obligations facing your business. If you have any immediate needs, please don’t hesitate to contact him at or 973-396-1735.

Second up: Joe Gaustad – Customer Manager
Joe joined the MAPADOC team in early January. Currently, Joe is working on connecting MAPADOC customers (like you!) with the MAPADOC associates your business needs. If you want to have a highly specific conversation regarding your current EDI environment, Joe can set you up with a Sales Executive or Sales Engineer on the MAPADOC team.

Along with overseeing existing MAPADOC customers, Joe is also involved with the SWK Technologies marketing team and to send out information to new and current customers regarding MAPADOC and other SWK products. Joe ensures that clients and potential clients are well informed about MAPADOC and the other SWK proprietary solutions for the Sage marketplace. You’ll hear from Joe soon, but feel free to make the first move. You can reach him at or 973-396-1732.

Third up: Iris Richardson – EDI Specialist
Iris Richardson joined the MAPADOC team in March. As an EDI Specialist, her daily goal is to get a better idea of customer needs, in order to help each and every customer improve their day-to-day processes. She sets up and tests new trading-partner implementations, and ensures proper and accurate documentation of their overall EDI process, transactions, and specifications.

Iris makes sure she knows exactly what MAPADOC customers need. That way, she can ensure that your business operations, supporting processes, and employees all work together in the most efficient manner possible. If you want to improve your operational processes now, go ahead and contact Iris at or 973-396-1739.

Once again, the best way we can predict the future is to build it with you. We take great pride in making this happen each and every day, and we’re here to continually exceed your expectations. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself to any of these great new employees – after all, they’re here to help you!