MAPADOC for Sage 100 2017 release

Announcing the release of MAPADOC for Sage 100 2017 (compatible with Sage 100 2015 – 5.2, Sage 100 2016 – 5.3 and 2017 – 5.4)

The MAPADOC for Sage 100 2017 release brings you many new features and updated functionality as well as a number of defect fixes that make MAPADOC better than ever. From updated Visual Process Flows to expanded Exception Only reporting and the ability to process 945 Warehouse Ship Advices unattended, the MAPADOC team has listened and incorporated the most requested features to make EDI processing a seamless experience.

The MAPADOC team is hosting two live webinars to share these new features with you. Join us as Marthe demonstrates each new feature and how the latest upgrade can save you time and money!

Webinar #1: Thursday, Jan 19th, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST

Webinar #2: Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 at 5:00 PM EST

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New functionality:

Visual Process Flows
The Visual Process flow for EDI Orders has been modified to quickly access the Select Sales Orders to Send 855 option right within the process flow.  The ability to select sales orders to send the 940 was also added to simplify your EDI processing.  To further simplify the process, the EDI ASN process flow now includes access to the Select Routing Request Information setup screen.

ASN Mapping/ASN Creation
You now have the ability to add Summary SAC variables for outbound mapping. When these options are mapped, during the ASN creation, the SAC segments will be generated using the details in the Misc Charge Cross Reference selected and the misc. charge items on the sales order or invoice.

A new Invoice Freight Amt (Shipping D/E) variable has been added to ASN Mapping/ASN Creation. If selected and the shipment type is set to use shipping data entry quantities, the freight amount from the invoice will be returned.

Scanco ASN Integration
The Scanco ASN integration now has the ability to process non-ASN customers set up in the Customer Shipment Packing Setup option.  The ASN creation option has been modified to update the invoice header UDF fields related to ASNs.

810 In: Invoice Creation Setup/810 In: Create PO Invoices
These options have been modified to add and process two new features.  “Skip Zero Cost Lines” and “Report Price Conflicts”.  If Skip Zero Cost Lines is selected, lines with a zero cost (or no cost) will be skipped during processing.  If Report Price Conflicts is selected an exception will be reported if the EDI price does not match the Sage price.  This option will default to checked, but can be turned on/off per trading partner.

850 In: Sales Order Creation
Sales Order Creation has been modified to allow multiple default Misc. Charges to be setup and added to all orders created for the trading partner.

852 In: Process Product Activity Data
Save time when running the Process Product Activity Data as this option has been modified to improve processing time by over half!

Routing Request Creation
The Routing Request Creation option is simpler to use with the new Trading Partner selection grid that allows you to select multiple trading partners to be processed

PO Receipt Creation Register
Easily view all the PO Receipts created in MAPADOC with the new PO Receipt Creation Register that has been added to the system.  The new register is automatically displayed after the PO Receipt of Invoice Exception Report. Information on this report includes: Receipt Type, Receipt Number, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Create Date, Vendor Number, Purchase Order Number, Total Amount, and Total Units, along with report totals.

810 Out: Invoice Creation Setup
The Invoice Creation feature has been modified to add a new “Combine Items with the same SLN Parent/Unit Price”.  If turned on users select the AR Invoice History Detail UDFs being used to store the SLN Parent ID and SLN Component Quantity.  If these options are assigned, during invoice creation one detail line will be sent for each unique SLN Parent ID and unit price.  The quantity shipped will be set to the quantity shipped divided by the component quantity (parent quantity) and the unit price will be set to the total of the unit price * component quantity for each line associated to the parent SLN ID. This modification has been added to support a new requirement for the Charming Shoppes.

945 ASN Creation
The 945 ASN Creation feature has been modified to report an exception when a sales order is not assigned to an ASN due to an invalid shipment type or trading partner.  Exception is similar to the following: “Sales Order: XXXXXXX not added to ASN: XXXXXXXXX. Invalid Trading Partner or Shipment Type.”

Report Exceptions Only
In MAPADOC for Sage 100 2016, the ability to report on exceptions only was introduced in several EDI transaction sets. With this release, additional document setup and processing options have been modified to add a new option to report exceptions only. When this option is selected for a transaction/trading partner, information for the trading partner will only be included on the exception report if there are issues.  The Report Exceptions Only option has been newly added to the following transactions: 820 in, 945 in, 860 in (validation only), 852 in, 810/880 in, 754 in, 870 out, and 753 out.

Unattended Warehouse Ship Advices – 945
MAPADOC Options and 945 Setup and Processing options have been modified to add setup features to process Warehouse Ship Advices (945s) unattended. When these features are turned on warehouse ship advices will automatically be processed based on the jobs setup in Library Master’s Task Scheduler.

For more information on the defects addressed in this release, please review the MAPADOC Updates.txt file included in the installation package.