MAPADOC for Enterprise Management

The MAPADOC team is pleased to announce an updated release of MAPADOC for Enterprise Management PU9 and V11.  The team has spent the last several months focusing on improving the usability and the implementation process for MAPADOC for the Enterprise Management solution as well as resolving a number of customer-reported defects. This release also adds enhanced functionality!

A short list of the enhanced functionality below:

  • No need to filter long lists of records with the added functionality that all records are now loaded in the left list. This functionality was included in all screens that might have to load a large number of records.
  • A number of trading partners now require package-level tracking numbers be sent on the ASN (856). A tracking number field was created in a MAPADOC table to store this information.
  • To make it easy to see what version of MAPADOC is installed, the MAPADOC version number is now displayed in the Setup function and is updated automatically when a MAPADOC release is installed.
  • For those using SPS Commerce as the translator, you now have access to Web Fulfillment with a simple click of a button. Click the button to access Web Fulfillment right in the Enterprise Management UI.
  • Significant improvement in the split server environment has been included in the release making it easier for the Enterprise Management environment to be optimized for your business.
  • Implementing batch processing within MAPADOC has been made easier with the improvements in the installation process, adding specific directory structures to the install.
  • In addition to the documents already available, the following documents are now included in the installation process for all installs. They no longer need to be installed as a separate process making implementation simply a matter of entering a registration key:
    • Outbound Purchase Order (850) / Inbound Invoice (810)
    • Warehouse Shipping Order (940) / Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)
    • Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (943) / Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944)

This release marks a significant accomplishment for the team and we are very proud of this milestone and the beginning of much, much more. They have already started on the next release which is slated to contain a number of enhancements requested by customers like yourselves.  Reach out to today to schedule your installation.


Time for a shameless plug for MAPADOC Connections 2019!

MAPADOC Connections is a customer conference designed to provide a learning and networking environment for our customers, partners and the MAPADOC team. The conference will be held April 16 through April 18, 2019 in New Orleans (right in the middle of the French Quarter). The conference includes:

  • Pre-conference training
  • A general session featuring two great speakers
  • Breakout sessions, covering informative topics
  • “Speed Dating”
    • Each of our sponsors will visit each table, provide a quick overview of their solution and answer questions from everyone at the table
  • What’s New in MAPADOC session for each MAPADOC product
  • Offsite party to celebrate being together
  • Closing session

MAPADOC Connections is a great opportunity for you to meet up with the MAPADOC team and let us know what we can add to MAPADOC that would make your work life just that much easier (remember that the next release is in process).  Visit for more detailed information about the conference. We would LOVE to see you there.

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