MAPADOC for Enterprise Management and the Sage Rockstar Program

In 2015, MAPADOC was invited to participate in the newly created Sage Rockstar program. After much internal discussion, the MAPADOC team decided to make the investment of time and money and jump right into the program.


There were several requirements MAPADOC had to comply with to be part of the program:

  1. Have a certified Enterprise Management developer on staff to develop and support MAPADOC.
    Today, MAPADOC has two Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) developers on staff – Brandon Myers and Luke Zajac. All MAPADOC development is US-based.
  2. Follow the Enterprise Management coding standards.
    Both Brandon and Luke have spent time over the past year ensuring that the MAPADOC code meets the Sage standard.
  3. Certification
    MAPADOC for Enterprise Management underwent a significant certification process resulting in the ONLY certified EDI solution for Enterprise Management.


What does this mean for you as a Sage partner?

  1. MAPADOC for Enterprise Management is now on the Sage pricelist making it easier for you to sell MAPADOC as the go to EDI solution.
  2. As a Sage partner, when you sell a MAPADOC system, you not only get margin on the software from Sage, MAPADOC sales are also eligible for tier credit helping you reach the next level faster!
  3. The MAPADOC team is full of EDI experts ready to help you identify, nurture and close EDI leads. Reach out to the team at or by phone at 877-979-5462. Better yet, sign up for our MAPADOC Connections conference being held in Orange County on March 15, grab a business card from Bill Gaustad or Peter Kostka and learn all about how MAPADOC can help your clients meet their EDI needs.
  4. The MAPADOC team is known for customer service. One partner commented that the team delivers high-touch, “small-business-like” personal support and service to customers.


Reach out to the team at or by phone at 877-979-5462 to find out how MAPADOC can help you reach your next Sage tier goal and help your clients at the same time.