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MAPADOC EDI for Sage 100 ERP is excited to announce another customer success story, this time for The Learning Journey out of Phoenix, AZ. Check out what The Learning Journey is saying about MAPADOC:

“If someone called me as a reference for MAPADOC EDI, I would tell them, ‘Do it yesterday, don’t wait.’ If it wasn’t for MAPADOC EDI, we would have had to hire at least two more people by now, plus a small army of temps at Christmas.”

–Debbie Frere, CFO at The Learning Journey International, LLC

“In addition to the way MAPADOC EDI has streamlined our order entry, shipping, and fulfillment process in general, there have been several unexpected benefits. We know exactly what our inventory position is at all times, and our stock situation is now manageable.”

–Debbie Frere, CFO, The Learning Journey International, LLC


The Learning Journey The Learning Journey

Quick Summary


When order quantities increased, The Learning Journey found it difficult to keep up with the volume of data entry needing to be entered manually.


MAPADOC EDI handled the volume and eliminated the errors inherent to manual data entry. It also automated the process of printing shipping labels.


The Learning Journey saved money using MAPADOC EDI by not needing to hire additional permanent and seasonal help to handle data entry. They now have a streamlined order, shipping, and fulfillment process that can handle the demand of an ever-increasing list of retailers and orders.

To read the entire MAPADOC EDI/The Learning Journey Success Story please click on the following link. The Learning Journey Success Story for MAPADOC EDI

About The Learning Journey

The Learning Journey designs and manufactures an exclusive line of award-winning children’s interactive educational products. All products at The Learning Journey encourage learning and develop confidence as they enhance a child’s potential. The Learning Journey is now in numerous international markets, and their products build on the skills necessary for children to be prepared for school and beyond.