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Halstead International Success Story for MAPADOC EDI Halstead International Success Story for MAPADOC EDI

MAPADOC EDI for Sage 100 ERP is excited to announce another customer success story for Halstead International out of Norwalk, CT. Check out what Halstead is saying about MAPADOC:

“Since moving to MAPADOC EDI, our business has grown 15%, yet we were able to speed up order processing by two days a week thanks to MAPADOC,” states James Gilstrap, Systems Implementation Manager at Halstead International. “When you consider that we have twenty people in operations doing order processing and shipping, we foresee a labor savings in the hundreds of thousands over the course of the next couple years.”

“MAPADOC EDI was the best fit for our needs and solved all of the issues we were having,” proclaimed James. “After an on-site meeting with the MAPADOC team, we decided to upgrade our Sage 100 ERP system and implement MAPADOC EDI and several other third-party solutions—including StarShip, Scanco, and SPS Commerce—to streamline our order processing and shipping systems even further. ”

Quick Summary

CHALLENGE: Halstead’s previous EDI system required manual import and export of data. It could not keep up with the growth and was laborious and time-intensive.

SOLUTION: MAPADOC EDI for Sage 100 ERP sped up order processing, improved customer service, and kept up with demand.

RESULTS: Halstead International now saves millions of dollars each year by speeding up processing and shipping, in addition to improving return handling with MAPADOC EDI. The EDI solution is keeping them on track to achieve their goal of quadrupling efficiency without increasing their operational budget.

To read the entire MAPADOC EDI/Halstead International Success Story please click on the following link.

Halstead International Success Story for MAPADOC EDI

About Halstead

Halstead International drives the marketing and manufacturing innovations that are behind DIYGenius, a building and design products powerhouse for the home improvement industry. Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, and with offices around the world, Halstead has been offering the best-looking, highest-quality products at the most affordable prices for more than 50 years and sells to Home Depot US, Canada, and Mexico. The company also includes Metroflor and Vertex services (of China) which distribute flooring to another 40+ countries.


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