MAPADOC EDI is now available for Sage ERP X3; in fact, MAPADOC for Sage ERP X3 (MDX3) adds a fully functional EDI suite to the standard application tools.

MDX3 is designed for companies that have anywhere from moderate to sophisticated EDI requirements, and allows any level of transaction volume to be more easily managed. MDX3 is built on the X3 SAFE development platform, so it seamlessly integrates to the application.As a result, even smaller or lower-volume EDI environments can benefit from a greater ease of use and faster processing times.

MDX3 is a fully integrated EDI solution that sits inside the X3 product. Because MAPADOC was developed using the X3 developer toolkit, all screens and processes look and feel like all other X3 screens. Customers’ order information is imported into X3 via a flexible and robust mapping tool that allows the use of cross references and other data manipulation. Data validation and exception reporting make the EDI import and export processes efficient and easy.

MDX3’s processing automation can save hundreds of hours of manual input and reconciliation. MDX3 also validates transactions appreciably, cutting down on the potential for chargebacks and other fees from trading partners. The application is currently available in beta and will be released for production later this year.