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If a trading partner requires the X of Y counters on the label in terms of the item number, as opposed to counting all labels in the shipment, the below can be done in Crystal Reports to accomplish this.


  1. Insert a group on EC_CaseLabelWrk.ItemCode in ascending order. Suppress the group header section and group footer section
  2. To get the X portion of the X of Y, create a running total:
    Field to summarize = EC_CaseLabelWrk.UCC128CartonID
    Type of summary = count
    Evaluate = for each record
    Reset = on change of group, select the itemcode group
  3. To get the Y portion of the X of Y, create a formula (crystal syntax) that looks like this:
    DistinctCount ({EC_CaseLabelWrk.UCC128CartonID},{EC_CaseLabelWrk.ItemCode} )

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