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Some of FTP Voyager’s default settings are meant for use with its companion server product, Serv-U, but these features cause problems with other FTP servers like SPS and EasyLink VAN.


When establishing a new FTP connection in the Site Profiles or Scheduler Site Profiles window, two properties need to be changed in the Advanced Options window of a connection. The Advanced Options can be accessed by highlighting a site profile and clicking the “Advanced Options” button at the bottom of the Site Profiles window.

  • Select the File Handling category and uncheck the “Keep local file time on uploaded file (Serv-U)” option
  • Select the Connection category and scroll down to the “File Transfer” section
    • Set the “Use Global Settings” property to No
    • Set the “XCRC Checking” property to Disabled
  • Click the “OK” button to save the Advanced Options and close the window

Making these changes should prevent FTP Voyager from trying to double-upload outbound files.

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