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When launching the FTP Voyager Scheduler’s Management Console from the system tray, a blank window similar to the below is displayed.


The FTP Voyager Scheduler’s Management Console utilizes a web page interface to administer the scheduled tasks. This web page invokes an older Internet Explorer ActiveX control within the FTP Voyager Scheduler’s window. Some newer Windows operating systems may block this. Also, Windows Server operating systems have enhanced Internet security in Internet Explorer enabled by default.

The first step to address this issue is to set FTP Voyager Scheduler to use the system browser (default Windows browser) instead of its built-in ActiveX control. This can be done by right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting Use System Browser.











If the default Windows browser is Internet Explorer, the error may remain. If so, try adding (localhost) to Internet Explorer’s Trusted Sites list (no SSL/https).

An alternative troubleshooting step is to open the following link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:,US. This will bypass Internet Explorer’s enhance Internet Security settings and should display the management console correctly.


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