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The user receives a Sage error window indicating Error 65 in EC_PickingSheetEntry_ui.pvc 1953. This error occurs in Sage 100 version 4.50. It is caused by the new StarShip Link interface introduced for 4.50.


  1. Verify that the “StarShip Link 2.0 Enhancement” is installed on system. This can be verified by viewing the Installed Modules Listing report. The enhancement will be displayed under the Common Information and Sales Order modules. If not installed, work with your Sage reseller to contact V-Technologies.
  2. If running MAPADOC version 4.50.03, make sure that the fixes since last release–for that release version–have been applied (specifically EC_ShippingIntegration.pvc and EC_PickingSheetEntry_ui.pvc)
    1. Otherwise, make sure that the latest release of MAPADOC is installed for 4.50. This is version 4.50.09.
  3. After these programs are in place the StarShip button should be displayed in Edit Order Package & Label Data. If the button is not displayed go into Shipping Setup Options on the Sales Order Setup menu and click the Accept button. If the button is displayed but you still receive the error, most likely the StarShip Client is not installed on the machine you are on. The StarShip Client must be installed on the workstation.

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