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When printing or previewing Crystal Labels only field headings and fixed data are printed. No variable data from Sage tables is printed. There are two possible causes for this: 1) Security or 2) Crystal Reports setting


  1. Security Related – If the label contains no data except for report headings and footers go into Library Master’s Role Maintenance and make sure that the MAPADOC module is checked on the ODBC Security tab. Note that this tab is not available on every system, but only if the system has ODBC security enabled. If the tab is enabled you must give permissions to the MAPADOC tables. If the tab is not enabled you must turn on ODBC Security by going to File>Register and checking the “Enable ODBC Security within Role Maintenance,” return to Role Maintenance and give permission to the MAPADOC tables, then turn ODBC Security back off.
  2. Crystal Setting Related – If this is not happening on other MAPADOC reports, open the label in Crystal Reports. From the file menu verify that the “Save data with Report” option is not checked. If it is checked, uncheck it and save the report.

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