June 2016 MAPADOC Release – Features You Requested

By June 15, 2016MAPADOC, News

From better exception reporting to ASN mapping and source options, to avoiding duplicates, and more… we listened! The all-new release of MAPADOC for Sage 100 is compatible with versions 2015 & 2016 – and it’s coming out this week.

Learn more about what’s included in the all-new version – or see it in action in an on-demand webinar—available now.

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In earlier releases of MAPADOC for Sage 100, the exception report showed everything that was processed, whether there was an exception or not. But sometimes you just want to know about exceptions.

In the quest to make your EDI life easier, MAPADOC now has the option to set your exception report to report exceptions only. No longer will you have to scroll through pages and pages of documents about successful processing – and you’ll take care of problem areas FAST.

Still short on time? You can now configure this feature by document type and trading partner. That means you can set up the report to match your needs, so that you can find information even easier.

Note that this function applies to the following wide range of documents: 850/875 In, 810/880 Out, 846 Out, 850/875 Out, 855 Out, 856 Out, and 940 Out.


Those of you who have been working with the MAPADOC team for a while know that we’re passionate about making EDI both easy to do and error-free. When one of our customers began receiving duplicate 945s from their warehouse, their ASNs went out the door in double and triple quantity – and their inventory and shipping numbers went way off track. We wanted to cry, but instead we got to work.

Avoid this ever happening to you with the modified 945 Resolve Warehouse Advice process, which now looks for and stops quantity duplication if your warehouse sends duplicate 945s. Now if the same sales order is processed in a different transaction, you’ll see a message on the exception report that reads:

“Sales Order: XXXXXXX already processed in this batch of 945s. Transaction skipped.”

The duplicate 945 transaction will be skipped and removed from the system.


If you’re working with Toys “R” Us, you’ve already heard that they now require Case Volume information on the ASN. Not to worry, this new MAPADOC release includes a modified ASN Mapping feature that allows selections and addition of the CaseVolume and ItemVolume fields to the ASN map. Hooray for avoiding chargebacks!

Need more ASN mapping from your 945? Now you can map the Load ID  and Master Bill of Lading numbers sent from your warehouse on the 945 so they automatically flow to your ASN.


Ever accidentally posted an invoice for an order before it’s been selected in Edit Order and Package Label Data? If so, you know that it’s a bit difficult to send the ASN for the order when that happens.

We get it: Accidents happen. The point is recovering quickly when you make a mistake. And now you can, because the new version of MAPADOC empowers you to pull the information you need from Sales Order History if the order no longer exists in Sales Order Entry.

ASNs are a hot topic right now. The new MAPADOC also gives you the power to support Standard Pack (SOIP) ASN structure right within MAPADOC, rather than through your translator.


The 754 report is now easier to read at a glance because the new MAPADOC update can capture the Carrier Name/Description and include it on your 754 report. That’s a time saver.


A few of you have asked for the SCAC code that is sent on the 754 to flow through from Edit Order Package Label Data into your ASN. We’ve got that for you! What a breeze!


In addition, validating purchase orders during Sales Order Creation is easier too! With your new ability to sort the SO Creation screen by PO Number, you can easily verify the purchase orders you’ve processed.

Do your trading partners require SAC segments on the 855? You’re covered. The updated MAPADOC can send the SAC segments on the 855 using the Misc. Charge Cross Reference.

Lastly, your requests for Sales Order Creation Register modifications are here. With new subtotal counts added to your reports, you can easily see how many Sales Orders were created by date, by trading partner, and the total for the report!


Finally, we want to ensure you and your employees always have access to the latest Help files. To do that, we included the Help files with the install package, making it easy to copy the files to each workstation. Yay!



We know there’s a lot to take in here. Seriously, this is a huge release.
That’s why we held a webinar. Two webinars, in fact.

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