Help Your Clients Prepare for a Banner Year with Drop Shipping

By January 31, 2017MAPADOC EDI, News

Now that the busy holiday season is in the rear-view mirror, how can you help your clients better prepare for the current year? Help them overcome the complexities of drop shipping.

As you know, your customers manage a lot of moving parts when it comes to order fulfillment – especially when it comes to drop shipping.  Efficiency – especially when it comes to same day and next day shipping – is critical.  It requires time, excellent communication channels, the right human capital and outstanding systems and technology.

Oh, and let’s not forget the all-important inventory management so the customer isn’t ordering an out of stock item.  One little glitch in this system will likely mean a less than satisfied customer in the end.

So, how do you overcome these complexities?  Start with this fun infographic from our friends at SPS Commerce to start the conversation and visually walk your clients through the process.  When you are ready for the next step, start at Drop Shipping 101 for additional resources, information, and tools to make drop shipping a part of your clients’ 2017 plan.