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It’s no secret that hard work pays off, but to truly make great things happen, it takes a team of experts and knowledge providers who are deeply committed to each other’s business.

That’s what happened when SWK Technologies hit its 500th MAPADOC EDI customer milestone. SWK’s channel partner IncorTech was responsible for delivering the MAPADOC solution to Cloud b, a manufacturer of infant and children sleep products and accessories.

During its initial discussions, IncorTech discovered Cloud b had outgrown its current EDI solution, and as a result, many of the company’s EDI processes were being handled manually due to a lack of product features. MAPADOC offered this much-needed automation with new capabilities, as well as scalability to handle current and future growth.

However, the most direct impact was realized through a savings of $65,000 – the salary Cloud b would have been paid to hire a full-time staff person to manage its EDI. Instead, MAPADOC fulfilled this role.

I asked Steve Birdwell, president and founder of IncorTech, for his thoughts:

“Any time you hear a customer tell you they had an immediate cost savings, it’s like alarm bells going off and ringing as loud as possible. We are very confident with the MAPADOC solution, but now we can factually say we saved a customer money by installing a solution that did more than simply improve the company’s EDI. That, in itself, is hugely significant.”

Approximately one out of every four new MAPADOC sales is based on SWK channel partners successfully switching customers from competitive EDI solutions. I see this trend continuing throughout the rest of 2010 and well into 2011.

In this economy, customers want as much efficiency as possible, especially with something such as EDI. Once customers take a look at MAPADOC and understand SWK’s level of expertise and knowledge, they quickly understand how many more gains could be realized if they were to make a switch from their current EDI system.

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