By September 9, 2010News

The 816 Organizational Relationship Integration for MAPADOC Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 allows companies to update or add ship-to locations to the AR Customer Master ship to files.

The integration will handle two types of 816 documents: Store Listings and DC/Store Relationship Listings. Store Listings will be used to add new ship-to codes to the system or update existing ones. Store Listing processing will also add cross-reference records if this customer is using a ship-to cross-reference table. If the end user has each store location set up as a different customer in AR, this integration will set up each store location as its own customer. The DC/Store Relationship listing will be used to update existing ship to codes with their corresponding DC (either using the UDF_DC or the fax number field).

The 816 setup options will allow the user to enter the next 4-digit ship-to code to be used, which will be incremented each time a new to location is added. If the user has each store location setup as its own AR account, the set up options will allow the user to enter a 3-digit customer number prefix. This will be used to assign the customer number. The 3-digit prefix assigned, combined with the 4-digit store number assigned, will be the new AR account number.

During processing, a report will be generated detailing the changes and/or additions made. We currently have clients using this document for their Walmart and BBB trading partners.

For more information contact Gary Berman or call 973.758.6104.