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MAPADOC EDI has you covered with our Invoice History UDF Maintenance MAPADOC EDI has you covered with our Invoice History UDF Maintenance

Over my years as a MAPADOC EDI Consultant, I have noticed that when working on projects or helping out on the MAPADOC Support Team, many of our MAPADOC users are unfamiliar with a little-known tool within MAPADOC called Invoice History UDF Maintenance.

This tool gives you the option to edit MAPADOC UDF fields (user-defined fields) for invoices being sent out of MAPADOC and it’s available to MAPADOC users who are currently on versions 4.3 or higher. It is located in the MAPADOC module under “Utilities.”

This article will clarify the uses for Invoice History UDF Maintenance, and identify some of the common validation errors it can remedy.

When to use this tool
Problem: You have created invoices for orders you have received through MAPADOC but you receive errors on your outbound validation report. Errors indicate that a MAPADOC UDF field is empty.

Solution: Use the Invoice History UDF Maintenance to manually enter in the missing data (in most situations).

Fixing common errors
In my experience, some of the most common invoice validation errors tend to occur with both Header and Line Item UDFs. They can usually be resolved using Invoice History UDF Maintenance.

These errors include:
• UDF_ST is blank
• UDF_BT is blank
• UDF_SKU is blank
• UDF_UPC is blank

Problem: You are validating your invoices and get one of the above error messages.

Solution: First, open Invoice History UDF Maintenance and enter in the invoice number in the invoice field.

Note: Tab 2 contains all editable Header UDFs and tab 3 contains all editable Line Item UDFs.

To fix the errors listed above, simply click on an item to highlight it, then click on the UDF button in the lower right-hand portion of the screen. After you have entered the missing UDF information into the appropriate field (please note, you may need to refer to your incoming PO data to find the missing UDF information), click the “OK” button and re-validate your invoice(s). Problem solved.

In conclusion
If you are experiencing validation errors, get that problem fixed! One of the reasons you chose MAPADOC as your EDI solution is because it validates everything for you, making your job easier and faster. Fix your validation errors using the steps above, and keep on top of your EDI processing.

Of course, if you need help, me and the rest of the MAPADOC team are right here for you. Reach out and contact us using the button below.

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