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Welcome to the new and improved “Ask Tina,” a recurring feature for MAPADOC customers with answers to your most pressing EDI questions, along with helpful hits about EDI. Please send your questions to Tina and she will respond by e-mail to you, and include your question in a future issue of this newsletter.

Dear Tina: We are having a problem that relates to orders coming into our system; how do I keep them from going into our backup? I’m sure the solution is very simple.



Dear Robin:

You’re right – this is a simple fix. When backing up your MAS system, name the backup alpha-numerically after your live company code to avoid having your incoming documents go into the backup company by mistake. MAPADOC searches through the available company codes listed in alpha numerical order, so if you name the company something before the live company, all data will go to the other/backup company.

For example: Your live company code is MAP and you want to copy all company files to a backup for the end of 2005. If you use company code ABC, all EDI files will go to ABC company code. Name it something between MAQ – ZZZ and this problem will not happen.

If you do need to name the company code something before your live company, you must go into MAPADOC/Setup/Customer Trading Partner Maintenance and remove all inbound interface IDs for each of your trading partners.

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