SPS - SS Shivani Stumpf, Senior Director of Product Management Transaction Services at SPS Commerce

At our third-annual MAPADOC CONNECTIONS Customer Conference in Los Angeles, California last month, our keynote was presented by Shivani Stumpf, Senior Director of Product Management Transaction Services at SPS Commerce. Shivani is responsible for managing the flow of over one trillion dollars through SPS’s retail business network.She shared her perspective on the changing retail landscape and customer journey and how retailers and brands can embrace this change to win with their customers.

Shivani focused on the 40% decrease of foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores since 2012. She recommended that since competition is “just a click away,” including specific attributes of merchandise is key for companies selling online. She shared an impactful visual exercise to drive this point home. In addition, Shivani focused on the need for companies to use business intelligence and analytics to achieve future growth now that trading partners want more and more detailed information about supplier inventory – not just overall, but warehouse by warehouse. Not only was the presentation engaging and relevant, but numerous attendees commented on how timely the information was to their internal efforts.


Candle Candle Burgess, Operations Manager for Wellements


Jacqui Jacqui Thomas, EDI Coordinator at Twin Star

The Customer Panel, which followed the keynote, has been a hit all three years. However, this year’s format, a two-person panel, allowed for more interaction with the audience and MAPADOC team. Candle Burgess, Operations Manager for Wellements, and Jacqui Thomas, EDI Coordinator at Twin Star, fielded a number of topics which were then posed to the audience. This led to an interactive discussion with valuable information shared between the panel, the MAPADOC team, and the audience.

The key takeaway from this year’s conference is that the industry is facing enormous change, competition, and growth. Staying on top means being at the leading edge of technology, keeping current with trends, and being prepared for the unexpected by remaining flexible.

It’s an exciting time, and we are happy to help our customers stay on top with technology, information and idea exchange, and continued opportunities to learn. We are looking forward to our next MAPADOC CONNECTIONS Customer Conference. More information about that will be shared in the next quarterly newsletter.