Blue Sky Soars with MAPADOC EDI and Sage 100

“Since launching MAPADOC EDI in 2006, we have grown over 400% and so has our accounting staff. However, because MAPADOC is so scalable and integrated, we still only need one person running the system. And while it’s an integral part of our organization, we aren’t talking about it internally because we don’t need to. It’s invisible to us because it just works, and that is invaluable,” stated Warren Vidovich, at Blue Sky The Color of Imagination (Blue Sky).


Blue Sky is a planning and organizational products company based in Irvine, California, offering functional and stylish calendars, planners, notebooks and journals, business accessories, binders, filing, and presentation products. Blue Sky products are sold in thousands of retail locations across the United States, including FedEx Office, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Target, and Walmart.



Prior to moving to MAPADOC EDI, Blue Sky had been using a third-party EDI processor. They had grown past the startup phase and realized it was time to do something different. According to Warren, “Our volume was such that we were wasting time with duplicate data entry, which of course is also error prone. In addition, our third-party cost was high, and while it was reliable, it was a natural progression and the right time to take the leap to manage EDI in house. Our target client profile was also changing, and being fully EDI compliant was just one less tick against us.”


Blue Sky turned to their Sage 100 reseller looking for a better, more integrated solution. Warren continued, “We only had four trading partners then: Walmart, Walmart Canada,, and one other. However, that equated to twenty touchpoints and we had seven other major retailers we were hoping to do business with. We needed a very stable solution that gave us ultimate control and understanding over the data.”


Their Sage 100 reseller suggested MAPADOC EDI, as it was the only fully integrated solution for Sage 100. After seeing a demonstration, Blue Sky was sold. They implemented MAPADOC.



Blue Sky has never looked back and Warren stated, “We are married to MAPADOC because of the support, knowledge, and expertise they provide. Their reliable, dependable support and critical attention to detail has made this a winning relationship for us.” Warren added, “MAPADOC is also so responsive to feedback and changes in the industry. Due to drop shipments becoming more of a norm these days, it was putting a barrier between us and existing business. However, MAPADOC jumped on that and launched a Direct Ship feature that will help us keep ahead of the competition.”


Warren concluded, “I trust MAPADOC and the staff that supports us around the clock. I give them the highest marks in how they service us, which allows us stay online and service our customers.”



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