AMAZON – What Now?

By November 8, 2017News

Prescription drug sales, Whole Foods, drone delivery, Amazon Prime, 1-hour delivery and free 2-day delivery. How does all of this affect you and your business? If you are a supplier and any one or more of the Amazon divisions are your customer, it can affect you a whole lot.

Whether your sales model is through one of the Seller Central models or through Vendor Central, the rules of engagement can be difficult to understand and follow.

First, what does that mean for you?

Seller Central has two fulfillment models:

  • Merchant fulfilled is where you fulfill each customer order yourself – the end customer places the order on the Amazon website, the order is passed to you for picking, packing and shipping to the customer.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) where you ship your inventory to Amazon and they pick, pack and ship the orders to the customer.

Vendor Central has one fulfillment model – Amazon purchases your product and usually Amazon fulfills each order. It is possible that the terms of your agreement will require you to pick, pack and ship the orders to the end customer yourself.

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