Acumatica Update

The MAPADOC team is very excited about our upcoming release of the ASN and UCC128 label functionality. Mid-summer is the official release date.

The team has worked closely with the partner and development teams at Acumatica throughout the process to ensure the new product meets Acumatica standards and provides a solid EDI platform for users to work with.  For example – Acumatica asked that we continue to present a single face for customers with the new product. We achieved that goal by partnering very closely with SPS Commerce, who are providing the translation services. Ben Bratland at SPS Commerce is providing partners with sales support and a single contract that covers both MAPADOC and the SPS services. First line support is handled through SPS Commerce with escalation to the MAPADOC team as needed. Months of preparation have gone into ensuring the SPS support team has the tools required to triage and handle support cases.

If you have an Acumatica customer or prospect who sells to big box stores, entities or department stores, reach out to us at We would love to arrange a demo for you or for you and your client.