By September 8, 2011MAPADOC, News

The 940/945 MAPADOC integration allows companies to communicate order and shipping information back and forth with their third-party logistics companies (3PL).

The 940 is used to send order information to the 3PL. 940 Mapping allows users to send any information that exists on the sales order to the 3PL, including User Defined Fields (UDFs). Once the 3PL receives the 940, they can pick and ship the orders. In some cases, the 3PL is responsible for sending the ASN (if required), but not always.

MAPADOC gives end users the flexibility to handle this. Once the 945 is sent from the 3PL containing all of the order shipping information, it is brought into MAPADOC. If the orders are for customers requiring an ASN, and the 3PL does not send the ASN, MAPADOC will import the 945s to the MAPADOC ASN files. The ASNs can then be sent and invoices created. If the orders are for customers who do not require an ASN, or the 3PL sends the ASN, MAPADOC will import the 945 information into Sales Order Invoices.

For more information on how the 940/945 MAPADOC integration works, or to get pricing, please contact us.